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Come along and join me in my adventures of living in London, handling a toddler and managing a house, a business as a SAHM while I write this blog. Keep hanging here for some fun stories, some realistic truths and some adventures in our not so boring life.

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Hello there!

I am Ashwini. I am an IT engineer by profession, a blogger and a traveler at heart and a freelance writer and web designer by choice.
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I love travelling to new places, meet new people and learn new skills and well, photography too (new obsession).
I mostly travel with my husband (who prefers to stay behind the camera) or sometimes alone.

I think writing down your experiences is the best way to preserve your memories and that’s how this blog came to life. Here, you will find many things about my travelling adventures, some of my personal stories and everyday experiences I get living abroad.
I really hope you will enjoy reading my stories as much as I like to write them down. 🙂

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