Hello guys, this is me, Ashwini! Well, before getting married and starting this blog, I was one lazy person who was glued to one fixed boring routine. I used to hate travel. I literally had no idea what travel or traveling life exactly was. I was working as a Software Engineer with a Multi-national company and was enjoying my 9-5 routine.

But, after I met my Mr. perfect, we got hitched and all over a new, crazy and exciting life started.

We are currently living in London and every now and then, we visit a new place around, try to have something adventurous and new in life. We try to celebrate and live every day and always look forward to actually live our life.

After I left my job and moved to Italy, I decided to “find” myself all over again. I did so many things in these few years. I worked as a teacher, a freelance writer, freelance software developer, web developer, sold my handcrafts online, worked as a translator. I wasn’t really sure of what exactly I want or what is that one thing that will keep me motivated. And between all these years, my husband helped me with all his love and support. He helped me mentally, emotionally as well as financially.

During that time, I came across blogging and immediately fell in love with the concept. Initially, I wrote on social media platforms, opened a few (free-version) websites. And when I was completely sure that this is the thing which is gonna keep me motivated and this is one thing I would like to chase all my life, I started this blog.

So, going forward, I am going to keep writing and posting pictures about our travel life, some personal and life-changing stories, because writing down, is the best way to keep and share your memories. I hope you all will keep reading and will keep liking it.

Also, as I said before, I have worked in so many different areas, and if you’re interested, please take a look at all the services I offer. (I am sure and I hope to keep updating this list). Please have a look and let me know if I could be of any help.

Happy Travel and Happy writing!