Lido di Venezia… a trip to remember..!!

Lido! Now whenever this name strikes my ears, my heart starts pounding with the imagination of the beauty of this place, the calmness this small island has hugged. The scenic beach in Lido takes its beauty to some other level. Though it is not one of the famous and most beautiful beaches from the list, the cleanliness, calmness, tranquillity is overwhelming. It is really hard to put my exact feeling into words.

Lido, the place is as small as its name and as cute as it sounds. It is an 11-km long sandbar in Venice and the population is around 20,000. It is most famous for its long beach during the summer and the most happening Venice Film Festival. Also, a home for a Golf course and Venice casino.

I and my hubby visited Lido during our trip to Venice on 2nd January 2017. We were celebrating a new year as well as our first wedding anniversary. Since it was winter, Venice was not that much crowded. Summer is ideally the best season to enjoy Venice to the fullest but as per me, we witnessed the best time of Venice. It was neither very cold nor very hot. It was windy with the sun showering his sunshine to make us warm and was helping us to explore more in Venice.

Initially, Lido was not in our to-do-list of Venice. I don’t know why, but we almost ignored it and moved forward with the rest of the islands on the first day. On the second day of our travels, we were waiting for a water bus to Murano, as per the plan. But we noticed that the bus was quite late and we had to wait quite a long time for it. And there was a bus for Lido in next 2 min. So rather than waiting there, we decided to have a quick visit to Lido. So, we caught the water bus for Lido almost last second.

As soon as we hopped on, our bus and our unforgettable and cherishable journey towards Lido started. We ideally didn’t have many expectations from the place. But trust me, what happened next, literally changed our life.



We landed at Lido’s water bus stop which is just like a small airport. It was supposed to be a small place but it was simply mind-blowing. Such a cool, breezy and fresh looking bus stop it was! The view of the sea from there was just awesomely beautiful.

I didn’t want to move anywhere from this place now. It was simply pleasant and mind-blowing. But, taking time into consideration, we moved forward to explore Lido. Just straight from the stop, there was a beautiful church, “Santa Maria Elisabetta”. It is one of the oldest churches yet superior and classy by construction.


We then headed towards the famous Lido beach. The beach that has witnessed many more summer and blue moon beach festivals. Lido is famous for another remarkable thing- New Year’s dive on New Year’s Day. I always get excited about clean beaches, so I was super excited about Lido. Taking many thoughts in mind, we started walking towards the beach.

We came across an Ausonia Palace Hotel. A marvellous example of Liberty style, the hotel has its original furnishings created more than a century ago, created and realized in 1913. It is a huge, marvellous and mesmerizing structure yet so ethic and chic.


We continued our walk towards the beach. The ambience was so romantic and lovely. It was breezy. Sun was trying to get someplace from the fluffy white clouds and was helping us to get warm somewhat. We could feel the roads were a little slippery because of the fog and it was completely wet. The roads were so clean and so beautiful, so picture perfect and so heavenly. Almost all the roads were decorated with trees on both sides. Tall, sky aspiring trees were adding more beauty to the roads of Lido.  I couldn’t resist myself to capture the photos of even roads ?



We finally reached the beach. The calm, tranquil water trying to touch the golden sand on the beach. Sun rays were spread on the sea water making it glittery as if the diamonds are dancing on the beach. That was a mesmerizing view. I couldn’t digest it. I wanted to live that moment and wanted to amass that whole situation, the view. We both were so stunned by that ambience that we didn’t want to move anywhere else.

We spent almost 3 hours simply sitting, trying to compile all those memories and moments in our eyes. Many thoughts were crossing my mind. I wanted to express something, but I wasn’t finding the correct words. You know, somewhere, sometimes, somethings just hit our mind. Something can be anything, a place, a person, an incident, a thing, almost anything and it just changes you. It changes your mind, your thoughts. You just feel so relaxed, so unstressed. As if someone has taken out a huge load off from your shoulders. You don’t understand exactly what happened and why it happened but it made you supremely happy, happier. And those things we just couldn’t express to anyone. That thing, that moment, that experience just lies within us, but it changes you. Trust me, I was so mum. I wanted to elaborate about the view, the beauty but I couldn’t. I was happy from inside, so relaxed, so refreshed and so positive.

Certainly, our trip to Lido has been an unforgettable trip for us. I won’t say it a trip now but an incident, a moment which will always be alive in our heart.



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