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Elena is Health and Nutrition coach. She helps female professionals and business owners who are ready to make time for themselves, take control of their health. She works with you to develop habits in the areas of mindset, movement and nutrition, that lead to a long term, maintainable healthy lifestyle!

She is a certified health and nutrition coach, life coach former personal trainer business coach and trainer. As a lover of food, health and fitness herself, she is a big believer in the “stop dieting and start living” mentality.



1. Lead generation

The primary goal was to generate leads interested in health and wellness by offering a free 7-day Health Reset Guide. The focus here was on building an email list for future marketing efforts.

2. Content Creation

The client needed assistance in creating compelling content for the lead capture page, email sequences, and to up-sell the newly launched offer. This content would need to resonate with the target audience and address their pain points and motivations.

3.Automation & Integration

The client were looking for automation features to streamline lead capture, email delivery, and guide distribution. Integration with email marketing tools, file hosting services, and possibly a payment gateway.


Elena approached me with an idea in her mind. She wanted to launch her new HIGH-TICKET program and were looking at ways to get out to the right audience. She also needed help in setting up all the tech and integrations.


The Strategy

We decided to create a 5-step funnel:
1. A lead magnet (7-day challenge)
2. Thank You Page
3. 7-day nurturing emails
4. A FREE webinar
5. HIGH-TICKET offer


1. A landing page
2. Thank You Page
3. 7-day nurturing email sequence
4. Webinar page
5. HIGH-TICKET Sales Page
6. Payment Page
7. Thank You Page


Overall working with Ashwini was great. She was very responsive and professional and kept me in the loop as she worked on the various pieces of the project. Ashwini definitely knows what she's doing when it comes to setting up the technology and workflows - which was a huge help and timesaver because I don't. Any time there was a delay, challenge, etc. Ashwini was very good with communicating the situation, expectations and next steps which I appreciated.


Elena N Health


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