You’re not easy to forget..!!

Dear Best Friend,

I still remember our first meeting in college. I wasn’t too talkative that time, but you made me talk to you and then onwards, we became friends. From that day, our friendship started and continued until today, over 8 years. Even in those many years, nothing changed, our topics, our meeting points, our talks and laughs, nothing changed! Before we met and became friends, I was honestly so much attracted to your personality- Short hair with highlights, specs, tomboy look with a never fading cute smile on the face. One can easily recognize you even in the group of 1000 people. It used to astonish me, how one person can talk and bond with so many people around. But you had that aura which always attracted many people to you and becomes friends with you. This undoubtedly proves why you have so many friends and why everyone always praises you. You used to give your time almost to every friend of yours and you’re the one from my circle, who would be there to help anyone, anytime, anywhere. Even during our college days, no event was complete without you, be it a cricket match, or any other sports event, a singing show, a group meeting or some educational trips. We were literally addicted to you.

My no visit to Nasik was complete without meeting you. Even after college, it had become a tradition to meet you every time whenever both of us were in the same town. I remember calling you anytime and asking you for your opinion on my problems or any solutions because I always knew that you’ll give me honest suggestions. You were that one girl who was so strong to tackle every small and big trouble in your life. How can you do this to us?

It’s been over a month since you’re gone and we are still not ready to accept the fact that you’re gone. How would I convince myself that I am not going to see you again in my life, ever? 

I know and I accept, as the time flows in our lives, sometimes we move so fast that we literally forget about the people or friends who meant so much to us. We get so busy with our routines and work, that we don’t get time to call or message them and simply ask them about how they are doing. Unfortunately, we realize it only when it’s too late to act on. Maybe, I, we have also done a similar mistake and never really asked about your life or if you had any problems in your life. I wish I knew earlier how you were feeling. I know, I will never know why you left us, what was in your mind at that moment and how you decided that was the option for you. I feel, by committing this crime, you have given us punishment for a lifetime and to realize the hollowness that we are to feel in our life without you.

Maybe we were wrong, we did a mistake and we deserve punishment but not by losing you. Whom we should say sorry to, where we should go to confess our mistakes or guilt? We really want you here with us, around us.

Have you ever thought about your mother? How she would feel when she saw you lifeless? How she will feel when she will know that the girl she kept in her womb for 9 months, raised her, nurtured her, took care of her, and now she will never see her again? How you cannot think at least about her, about us, about everyone who cared about you, who loved you.

Dear, how could you not see that every problem in life can be dealt with, everything has a solution? How can you be so weak, how could you take this step? We all have our own version of pain and as the time flows, it gets healed. But, God has given one precious thing and that is called ‘Hope’. You should always hope for the best because you never know what tomorrow is going to bring for you.
Committing suicide is the biggest crime, not only for the one who committed it but also for the people who are related with the victim and failed to prove how important they were and their importance in our lives. 

 Fly High and may your soul rests in Peace!

Your Friend 

P.S. being a latecomer, you always made every one of us wait for you, but now, you reached the final destination way ahead of us. I Miss you. We miss you.!

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  1. I read your post , through which you share your feelings for your friend. Even I don’t know your friend, but I feel very bad for her.

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